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Professional Weight Loss Services
How it Works:

Weight Loss Pros will provide you with custom made exercise, nutrition and or health programing.   In addition to your custom made programs, you will be receiving free telephonic coaching.   The telephonic coaching, along with easy to follow readings, is how we educate you.   
During your coaching sessions, we will be coaching you on your specific programs and we will also teach you extensively in the areas of Nutrition, Exercise and Health.   The coaching sessions will last up to 1 hour at a time.   Depending on which package you select, you will receive a specific number of free coaching sessions.  We will make sure that everything is covered in full during your coaching sessions.  However, if you feel that you need to take a few extra coaching sessions, that will also be available.   Personal training is also available.  All of our trainers possess a nationally accredited personal training certification and advanced education, so you know you will be getting the best possible instruction available. 

Our 4 Packages:

Please Note:
All participants are REQUIRED to fill out the registration packet and return to Weight Loss Pros PRIOR to beginning.
​Please return forms to info@wlpros.com.
Registration Forms
​​Total Wellness Pack:  299.99 (Includes 6 free telephonic coaching sessions)
The total wellness pack is the absolute best offer available.   You will get FULL programming and coaching in our 3 core areas:   Nutrition, Fitness and Health/Lifestyle.   This package includes a comprehensive health screening assessment that will show your current health status and habits.   From the health screening test we will create a custom program for all three area’s mentioned.   This is the most comprehensive package that will give you the most education in health and wellness.   This package is for individuals that are looking to not only lose weight but to improve their overall health for longevity. 
F&N Pack: 199.99 (Includes 4 free telephonic coaching sessions)
The F&N pack will include Fitness and Nutritional programing along with 4 in-depth telephonic coaching sessions.   Your fitness and nutritional programs are extensive!   You will be able to use these programs for life with small adjustments as you progress or as goals change.   Once you learn this process you will become the expert!  This package is for individuals that believe they live a healthy lifestyle already but need help with only weight loss and fitness.   We custom design programs based on your goals.   Whether you are a novice in health and fitness or you have extensive experience this pack is great for all.
​​Single Pack: 149.99 (Includes 2 free coaching sessions)
The single pack will give you the option to choose the program of your choice.  You can chose either Fitness or Nutritional programming.   The single pack is for those who have a higher level of experience and knowledge in health and fitness and just need professional programming to meet their specific goals.  
​​Personal Training:  Single: 70.00, 12-Pack: 65.00/session, 24-pack- 60.00/session 36-pack-55.00/session
We also offer personal training packages!  We offer In-home personal training, this means the trainer comes to you!  Our trainers will meet you at your home or a place of your choice!  We also have the option of doing virtual sessions through skype!   Both options make it convenient for you!   Personal training is great for individuals that need to learn proper exercise technique and it is also an excellent way to increase motivation and exercise intensity so you get the most out of your workouts!