Lose 1-2lbs per week Guaranteed!
Professional Weight Loss Services
About Us
Our professionals create custom made nutrition, fitness and health programs designed specifically to you using proven Science.
Our easy to follow nutrition plans allow you to eat the foods you love while still losing weight!! Lose 1-2lbs per week Guaranteed!

Our workout routines are designed to minimize time spent and maximize calories burned with most workouts only being 15-20 minutes long! 
​​You get more than just programming, we also give you in-depth education with telephonic coaching!    Being educated is going to give you the power and control for life-long success and you won’t fall for scams or bogus information ever again.  Our programs are based on your specific goals; if you have a goal we will get you there!  If you also need personal training, our trainers are highly educated with advanced certifications and college level education.  With Weight Loss Pros, you will only get PROFESSIONALS!​​
​​The health and fitness market has become saturated with false information and scams.    Weight Loss Pros was created on the idea of giving people the TRUTH about weight loss and health, using SCIENCE!  We want to EDUCATE you!   We are tired of seeing people being scammed for their money only to receive false information when it comes to weight loss and health.   It can be very dangerous to hire someone that doesn’t have formal education on the subject they are coaching on.   ​​

Would you hire a doctor that didn’t go to medical school?   Why would you hire a coach that never received the appropriate schooling when it comes to nutrition and fitness?    With Weight Loss Pros you will have a Professional Coach that has undergone extensive schooling in the subjects they are teaching and programming for.

​​Has anyone tried selling you supplements and pills for weight loss?   The truth is, you DON’T need to buy anything for weight loss.   There is no pill or supplement that will make you lose weight, this is not how weight loss works!   People that try to sell you weight loss pills and supplements are trying scam you. 
​​Weight loss supplements are a multi-million dollar business and people keep falling for it over and over again.    We are tired of seeing people waste their money on scams, so we are exposing the truth and instead we are going to educate you so you will never fall victim again.

​​​Are you tired of dieting?   Fad diets, special diets, cleansing diets and juicing are all bogus!  If you have ever talked to a nutrition professional, they will tell you the same!   Don’t fall for it.   The majority of fad diets are harmful for your health and they are not optimal for weight loss.   Diets fail because they are not sustainable!   If you can’t stick with a program long term, how will you ever get long term results?​​

​Don’t go for the quick fix, do weight loss the right way! Weight Loss Pros will give you easy to follow nutritional programs that are sustainable for life.  Our nutritional programs use proven science and are tailored specifically for you.  We will bust many common myths in fitness and nutrition and you will become the expert!